Course description

This course is ideal for beginners who does not have any knowledge of stock market and would like to gain knowledge and start investment for their futures. Stock market provide handsome returns for good investment you have to acquire the basic knowledge, so our course basic of stock market will enhance their knowledge base, understand market dynamics and help to make good portfolio. start generating good retunes from market.
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In this chapter we learn the introduction of technical analysis.

In this Chapter we learn important market Terminologies 

in this chapter we learn basis of candlestick.

In this chapter we learn advance level of candle name as dozi  

In this chapter we learn all type of Candlestick chart pattern.

In this chapter we learn all types of Indicators.

In this chapter we learn how to identify resistance & support level

There is some live market class is available 

Risk is important factor in market understanding the correct risk is important  

last we learn market phycology that help you to control emotions in trading 


Classroom at Comfort of your Home.

Course Access through Mobile, Desktop, Laptop with Internet Connection.

Real-Time Online Classes with live  Interaction with Faculty.

only theoretical knowledge is never sufficent so we need some practical knowledge in live market